Not sure where this is from, but I like girls with bangs

Having a personal site or writing a blog can seem like a pointless endeavor these days. Unlike the days when people would come online to explore thousands of sites on the internet, most now only visit as few as 35.  People today, it seems, are more interested in what the internet can do to serve their addiction to instant gratification. They don’t have the time or attention span to give to someone that isn’t a Youtube or other kind of social media e-celeb.

It’s pretty discouraging, and if I’m being 100% honest here, it has made it difficult to want to keep trying. There’s plenty of things I want to do with my time, but it’s hard to motivate yourself when you’ve stopped seeing a benefit in it. You stop giving it your all and eventually you find yourself at a point where you’re no longer able to take any pride in the stuff you do manage to write.

Fortunately (although mostly unfortunately in other cases) I’m pretty stubborn. Rather than simply moving on and calling the whole thing a wash, I keep trying in hopes that eventually I make some kind of a breakthrough.

My name is Adam. I’m 33 years old. I suffer from depression and suspect I may be autistic (high functioning) I maintain a site about the things that matter to me out of hopes it’ll help people to better understand who I am (and potentially be my friend) If you like anime, cartoons, video games, visual novels, reading, fantasy/sci-fi, internet topics, Japan, Japanese, or anything weeb you’ll probably find something you can relate to on here.

The way this site is setup is there are two main hub pages: The about page (the one you’re reading now) and the posts page.

The about page will attempt to categorize posts into sections much like how a table of contents would work in a textbook. This is recommended for people who are new and don’t know me to provide a more structured look into who I am. This is also recommended for people who like their content to be organized more like a site than a blog.

The updates page will show everything I post as I post it. It’s recommended for people who already know me well and want to be sure to catch everything that I talk about no matter matter how trivial it is.

For more information about the particulars of that you can read the “How this site works” page. If you have any other concerns such as my usage of images or how to contact me, you may click those links to find the relevant sections for  those. Anything else, check the preface section before getting in contact.

Thank you and please enjoy your time on my site 🙂