My name is Adam. I am 32 (almost 33) years old.I love Japanese animation and video games.But what does any of that really tell you about me?

To give you a better idea of what kind of person I am, I have to give you a bit of a history lesson into my past.

About a year or so after I was born, I had a terrible accident. It happened one afternoon when my mom took me to the local mall. While riding a child-sized merry-go-round (much like the child sized rides you sometimes see that rock around when you put some money in them), it malfunctioned and sped up unexpectedly causing me to fall off and fracture my skull.

My mom rushed me to the hospital where I had spinal fluid draining out of my left ear. This caused a perforated eardrum which lead to immediate and complete hearing loss in that ear. Things looked pretty grim at the time, but I was apparently a fighter. While I did end up having to go back to the hospital for pneumonia, I lived when there was a large chance I could have died.

Living was only half the battle. While I could still be considered a sweet little boy, I had to adjust to a pretty serious handicap (losing hearing like that creates some serious balance issues) Not to mention that with head trauma, we could never be totally sure what sorts of things might have been affected. I had to go through many psychological evaluations as well as partake in both educational and physical therapy in school.

This created some distance between myself and other kids. While I was the same in most ways to other kids, I was different enough that kids picked up on it. I was bullied and eventually my introverted nature and interests led me away from my peers in real life. Eventually I became something of a loner that only liked to be at home, play his video games, and watch his cartoons (I was really enchanted with anything that had a story as it gave me something to escape to)

At the age of 12, I was introduced to the internet. While I was mostly a loner in real life (and struggling with school attendance issues), as a human I still felt loneliness.  Discovering the internet gave me brand new hopes that I would be able to find others like myself.  I saw such unlimited potential in it.

As one can imagine though, relying on the internet at such an early age had some pretty big effects on me. This was well before parent advocacy groups were warning people to watch their kids online. I ran into lots of shit that probably twisted me in various ways (some which took many years afterward to correct)

Not that it was a completely bad thing. I met friends and learned many different life lessons. Not to mention, it gave me more of an open-minded view than I think life ever could (sadly).

Anyway, the internet remained my primary source of input during my formulative teenage years. I started to get deeper into my interests due to the prevalence of people online who could introduce them to me. Yadda yadda, basically if I wasn’t that big of a nerd before (which I was) the internet made me into an even bigger nerd.

I eventually went off to college, but I had a hard time adapting to the real world. It took me several attempts to finally find a school I would stick with and to get over several anxieties I had back then (such as being able to eat with others or being able to shower in a not-so private place)

Today I consider myself pretty well balanced. I’m not a huge socialite, but I’m able to deal with some real life situations that others tend to take for granted. I have a couple really good offline friends who I try to make efforts to see as often as I can, and I’m not as reliant on the internet as I once was. However my niche interests still remain, and it’s for these that I still persist here.

I am currently something of a NEET. While I have graduated with a bachelor of science in psychology with a minor in creative writing, I’m not exactly interested in pursuing either for various reasons that I wont go into here (mostly to save on space) I am interested in potentially working for something related to my various passions, but I have no idea of how I can get into those fields from where I am (things like editing, translation, etc)


My blog is primarily for talking about aspects of my life. Sometimes I talk about adjusting to life. Sometimes I talk about things I consume. Sometimes I rant about the world. It all depends on my mood and what I feel like  people need to hear.

It’s through these blog posts that I express myself and share the deeper workings of my mind 🙂


Any questions can be directed to my Curious Cat here

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