Photos of recent acquisitions

After selling some of my Switch games, I decided to buy a digital camera in order to start taking pictures of things I acquire. Unfortunately, the batteries that come with the camera are shit and have already run out, but I was able to capture a few pictures which I’ll share here.

Kagura 1/8th scale

First off is my 1/8th Kagura figure. I got this several months ago when I was marathoning Gintama (she is/was my favorite character) I don’t remember if I ever shared pictures of her before, but even if I did, she’s still nice to show

It’s sad there isn’t many good figures of Kagura and that only 1/8th scale is available. I love her China dress and hair buns are another type of hairstyle that I have a particular fetish for. Though I would never lewd Kagura :p

You can also catch a faint glimpse of the Corsair mechanical keyboard I got for Christmas in the distance.

Saber 1/7th scale

I attempted to take pictures of this figure before, but the quality of my camera at the time was rather shitty.

Despite the fact that I already have like a bajillion Saber figures, this one stood out for having a cape, crown, and a light-up base. I also needed a third figure for a TOM sale, and this was the only other one I could think of (ironically the other two figures are Fate related as well)

The base turns on with a switch and can be switched between a constant or pulsating light. It would probably look really cool if I had a display shelf for it, but since I don’t, I tend to leave it off. The crown is also metal rather than plastic, which is a nice touch.

Nekopara Chocola and Vanilla plushies

During the Nekopara OVA Kickstarter, I struggled a lot on how much I wanted to donate. I didn’t want many of the rewards that were being offered, but these little cuties were part of the $300 tier. I would have rather bought them separately, but since there was no guarantee they would ever sell them separately, I had to bite the bullet.

I’m glad I did though. The quality of both is amazing, and even though I did not want most of the stuff I got, the quality of all the merch is pretty good (plus I get my name listed in the OVA credits… along with thousands of other people)  I wanted to take more pictures of the other stuff (actually considering selling it if possible) but my batteries on my camera died on me 🙁

Blu-rays/DVD I bought over the holiday season

Last picture includes a portion of one of my shelves where I’m keeping all the anime I bought this holiday season.  Not much to say here aside from the fact that I got pretty good deals on all of them and will probably watch all of them this year (even though I’ve seen a couple of them before)

You can also catch glimpses of a few other miscellaneous items (Madoka Nendo I got from Anime Expo, part of Fight Club Mako, the boots of the first figure I ever bought (some character I don’t know the name of), box of Meiya Mitsurugi, and box with Yusuke)


That’s about all for photos. I wanted to get more (like my Persona 5 protagonist figure and some of the other Nekopara OVA rewards) but like I said my batteries died -_-