Week 2

If you’re hoping for a long entry like last week’s,  you might be a bit disappointed by this week. Truthfully, I had no idea that once I explained most things, there would be so little to talk about. I tried to beef up the sections with as much insight as I could, but I want to stress that no one should expect any of the weekly posts to be the same

Notes for this week

I’ve been waking up feeling groggy as hell recently. I’ve also been trying to get as much time in as I can to play Xenoblade 2 (my thoughts on which will come eventually when I finish it)


I’m having some doubts over whether Wanikani is working for me. Part of it could probably be attributed to the grogginess I feel when I wake up, but I seem to be forgetting a lot of stuff that I learned in much earlier lessons. Which all makes me wonder if I should do something different or expand my Japanese studies a bit more.

Right now I’m leaning towards something different as part of a routine. I’m not sure exactly what that looks like yet (so I can’t share here yet) Though I’m hoping I have something figured out by next weeks post.

VN reading

I read a total of 549 lines this week. Had a somewhat strong start this week, but towards the end I defaulted towards 50 lines a day. This dip is due entirely to me wanting to cut down on time spent so I could have just a bit more Xenoblade 2 time, but otherwise I’m still enjoying the experience. I actually just hit the opening movie recently!

I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing, but I’ve started running the English version simultaneously when playing the Japanese (Before I would open it up after reading a number of lines and read up to where I was) The reason being is there’s been a number of lines recently where I felt confused on what they were doing exactly (Like explaining their names and how to write them) I still make sure I try reading it in JP first and if I feel like I understand enough, I don’t bother checking. However, having it nearby helps a lot since I have no friends experienced enough to ask.

It’ll eventually be a crutch I’ll have to throw away. Depending on when Sekai releases the 2nd part of Leyline, I might have to read the 2nd part entirely in Japanese. We’ll see I guess.


I’ve stopped using Codecadamy. The primary reason being they’ve been introducing some concepts too fast without properly explaining what they’re doing. I since moved to a tutorial that’s going much slower but I feel might help me understand things better.

I might still go back to CA later to finish off the lessons there, but we’ll see.


I finished one anime series this week, Manabi Straight.

I’ve been watching Ouran High School Host Club (A series I was watching on Netflix that I forgot about) and just started the second season of New Game. I should have the former finished by next week with the later possibly being done next week or the week after

Mostly sticking to my 3 epsiodes a day routine. Although, I’m considering expanding it by watching a longer running series (Beyond 26 episodes) after I finish watching Frasier (On season 9 of 11 right now) What that series will be hasn’t been determined yet, but I’m hoping for something I can be comfy and watch at night.

I do plan on writing individual posts for each of these anime I complete. They will start to go up, in order of completion, sometime this week.

Closing thoughts

Getting a haircut tomorrow. Hoping that will help energize me a bit more. Also going to try to take vitamin D more often since winter is a bitch