Week 3


First of all, I’ve put Wanikani on vacation mode and stopped my subscription. My reasoning was that I didn’t feel like what I was learning was being committed to memory well enough, and the site did a subpar job of reinforcing it (I think it does way too few reviews after you get to guru and beyond) Thus, you’ll no longer see any updates about that.

I am planning to take a look at the Kodansha’s Learner Course as a substitute for learning Kanji and relevant words. My goal is to do close to 200 kanji/words a month. No exact plans on what the routine is going to look like yet, but I’m hoping to develop something as I go. I’ll have more details on this by next weeks post.

Secondly, I’ve decided to combine both my Japanese VN reading and my Japanese studies together since they’re working towards the same goal.

This week I managed to do 372 lines. I mostly kept to 50 lines a day due to wanting more time to play Xenoblade 2 (Which I’m almost done with) I hope to eventually go back to the hour format and perhaps even longer depending on things.

I worry a bit that I’m not spending enough time on individual sentences since I have the translated version running with the Japanese version. I’m going to try to work on spending more time on that. On the bright side, I think it’s helping me to recognize sentence structure better, which should ultimately help me when I’m trying to devise meanings.


Programming has hit a bit of a lull. Truthfully, I just don’t really have a lot of motivation for it right now. Though that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on it.

Actually, I’ve been working here and  there on my site. Which I’ve decided to go back to using wordpress on. Over the next week I plan to work more on getting that all set up for people to use.


I finished both Ouran High School Host Club and New Game!! (New Game season 2) Very good shows. I still plan on writing write ups on the anime I see this year (including those two) but I’m waiting until I finish my site (Which is why I’m going to be working on it more this next week)

I haven’t entirely decided what’s next. Thinking about Diebuster, but as that’s only 6 episodes, I’m going to need something else for the week. Maybe I’ll try Devilman Crybaby since that seems to be the hot thing this season. We’ll see