Week 5

This week’s update is going to be a short one. I unfortunately fell ill with the flu (or something similar to it) and have been spending most of my time trying not to be miserable. This caused me to not get much accomplished on some days.

I’m now in the recovery portion of the cycle, I believe, so I should have a much more fleshed out update for you next week.


I’ve decided that I want to redo my kanji learning. Initially, I learned by doing what’s called Lazy Kanji where you learn to recognize a kanji with an English keyword. That helped for some basic ones but not so much for the advanced. Upon which I started using Wanikani, but that held a number of issues (sheer number of vocab, infrequency of review) Biggest of all though was it was still relying on simple recognition.

In order to cultivate better memory, I’ve decided to adopt a system that adds recall. By learning how to write and being able to recall a kanji from an English keyword, I think I will get a better handle on it.

I also want to review my textbook materials again. More for the sake of seeing what kind of stuff I remember.

I haven’t had a chance to do any of this this week however. Like I said above, my illness kept me limited.

I did read 300 lines in Leyline this week though. Only 50 lines from my average. That’s something.

The Site

I didn’t work on the site at all. I had hoped to write a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 article and several anime impressions, but illness got in the way. I also hoped to polish up the appearance a bit more by giving the other weekly posts an image and fixing formatting on some of the sections.

The XC2 post might have to be scrapped, but I do plan on doing the rest of that this week hopefully. I’m also hoping to get an actual blog post going. Stay tuned.



I finished Robotics;Notes and started watching Konosuba season 2. I also been watching Maison Ikkoku and Sailor Moon everyday (each are about 10 episodes in right now)


I have been immensely enjoying Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception (aka: Underwater Ray Romano 2)  Also been somewhat enjoying playing Iconoclasts on the PC. Debating about whether to get Celeste or not. Also debating on buying a digital camera since every device I have to take pictures with is a piece of shit.

Catch everyone next week (or sooner if it’s my other posts)