Week 6

It’s that time of the week again.


In my last update I mentioned that for the majority of my Japanese studies I had focused purely on recognition over recall. While that worked fine in the beginning, over time I found my ability to recognize things start to degrade for some reason. I decided that in order to help solidify my recognition, I would start working through a system for recall (In other words, instead of simply being able to look at a Kanji and recognize it, I would be able to know what the kanji looks like without having to see it)

At first I tired Remembering the Kanji, a system that is meant to help you remember how to draw the characters (as well as being able to recognize them) I initially used this when I first started to learn Kanji and even ended up going through it all earlier in 2017, but the problem was I only taught myself to recognize the kanji rather than how to write them.

I thought it would work well since I had been through it before. Unfortunately, I only ended up feeling somewhat lost with it. I’m not sure how to really explain it. I guess it felt too much like I was going backwards? Even though I technically didn’t complete the program in the way it was intended, I still felt like I was rehashing a method that didn’t seem to work as well? (That’s the best way I can really explain the feeling)

I then sat down with the Kanji Learner’s Course book. This had something of the opposite problem from RtK. Having absolutely no experience with it, it felt like a huge amount of work. I mean, I knew how to recognize quite a few hundred characters (even if I couldn’t recall them) and I didn’t want to retrod old ground for months (considering how often I’ve done that in my Japanese learning career)

What I ultimately ended up settling on was Wanikani. I downloaded an anki deck devoted to Wanikani recall and have been working on Kanji that I previously learned in the 29 levels of use. My system works like this:

  1. Keyword comes up, I try to see if I can remember how to draw it.
  2. If I remember and can remember the readings, I click good and continue on. If I don’t, I take note of how it’s done and practice drawing it a few times as well as noting the readings.
  3. Rinse and repeat until I finish one level (which is usually between 30-40 kanji depending)

I’m actually enjoying this method and it seems to be helping some basic kanji stick a lot better. Hoping that as I catch up, I’ll eventually be able to begin using Wanikani again in full (with new lessons and my current system to learn recall)

Today I finished going over level 6. If I do average of a level a day, I should catch up in a month. Though I MAY do a couple days of a couple levels depending on how well I feel like I’m retaining things.

I have plans to start Wanikani reviews soon as well. Essentially when I quit Wanikani, I stopped reviews of my current vocab on the levels.  While I wont be advancing levels until I catch up, I figure I can get back into the habit of doing vocab again.

I read 400 lines this week. You might recall that last week I had to skip a day due to illness. Well, I decided to double up on one day to keep everything consistent.

Not a whole lot to say about the actual reading, but it does feel like I’ve been having to check myself less and less.

The site

I scrapped the Xenoblade 2 post and despite my intentions to get a few blog posts out this week, I have been not feeling it.

I’m not sure what I will do yet.  One option is to not force it and put my efforts in areas that are bearing fruit right now (like learning Japanese) While the other option is to force myself through the road block and hope that it drives me to write some good stuff.

Both have their pros and cons, sadly, and I could see either working or not depending on things.


I finished Konasuba season 2 along with a couple OVAs. Made me remember just how much I loved that show. Hoping for a season 3 at some point

Started watching season 2 of Non Non Biyori (I decided I would finish all the season 2s of anime I have seen the first season for) Such a cute/relaxing slice of life show. Renge is best character

Trucking through Maison Ikkoku and Sailor Moon still. Maison Ikkoku is good, but it tends to be the most difficult thing to watch due to how often the protagonist gets cockblocked.


I’m about 90% back to my normal self after being sick for most of last week and this.  My back has started hurting again though 🙁 I don’t know what’s causing it. Maybe I need to start exercising more?

I finished playing Utawarerumono: Mask of Deception and started on Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth. My feelings so far are that this could become one of my top favorite series depending on how Mask of Truth goes. Mask of Deception hit me with so many complex (in a good way) feelings, and if Mask of Truth follows up on it (which its been doing a decent job of so far) then I can imagine there wont be many series I can put above it.

For better or worse, it doesn’t seem like they have much for Utawarerumono figures. Otherwise I’d probably be ordering up a ton of stuff right now. Speaking of figures though, Amiami sent me an email a few days ago to tell me my 1/7 Rem figure was in stock, and I should be getting that in the coming weeks.


I did get a new digital camera with some of the funds I got from selling my Switch games on ebay. I’m debating taking a few pictures of some things I’ve acquired over the past several months and putting them into a post (that would be just images rather than words) Not sure how people would feel about that, but I’m guessing that the one person who reads this would probably like it 😛

Til next week.