Week 27

I’m posting Ochaka this week despite there being no new My Hero Academia this week. A little disappointed, but seeing a cute smiling anime girl heals some of my pain (:P) In reality, I just had no good images to use that weren’t Fate/Go memes and I decided to grab something off the internet (though I do love her character and am waiting for a figure someday)

This week has been somewhat painful to get through. Mostly because of Fate/Go, but I’ll explain that in the relevant section. Though aside from that things have been pretty good

I got my IKEA detolf shelves on Friday after almost two months of waiting. I’ve only managed to put together one with my brother thus far, but it looks fantastic. Unfortunately the other two will have to wait as I think I strained something in my chest when I was moving the boxes to my room in the basement. I’ll make a photo post whenever I get around to assembling them all.


Towards the end of June was the 1st anniversary for Fate/Go. Since the Japanese server is two years ahead, a lot of people knew what to expect. However, Aniplex USA decided (with probably some pressure from the Japanese branch) delay the anniversary events until they could announce them at Anime Expo. Which meant that for a while we had to wait for the actual anniversary bonuses.

These bonuses included login bonuses, half cost quests, a paid guaranteed 5-star gacha, and a few other game updates.

People weren’t happy with having to wait, and I wasn’t either. It was hell waiting this whole week+ for the panel. I guess it would have been another thing if I didn’t know what was coming already, but since I did, it felt like it took forever.

On the day of the panel livestream, people almost rioted online when the actual panel got delayed by half an hour. To make matters worse, when they finally started,we learned that nothing they were announcing was everything people assumed they would minus 20 quartz they gave to Japanese players for watching their anniversary stream.

The panel itself was pretty awkward and cringy. I did like the parts where they talked with the Japanese voice actors (they had Saber and the guy who does the VA for another character named Arash) However, most of the rest of it was like a typical anime convention panel (which I’ve ranted about before and probably will do again in more depth some other time)

When the panel finished, the game came back online with all the anniversary goodies. Among them was the paid gacha. I decided that rather than simply taking a screenshot, I would make and upload a video for it. Here’s the result

I hate how the preview gives away one of the results of my roll, but I’m thinking of potentially doing more videos of my rolls in the future. I do have a few rolls planned out, but I’m not 100% sure on them or when they’ll happen.

Needless to say, I was pretty happy with my results.

Other stuff

I finished season 3 of Broad City.

I take back what I said about the show not being unrealistic. However, I feel like the ways in which it does it sometimes is poor.

There was an episode with Hilary Clinton that just made me cringe. I mean, it’s one thing to bring up an election in the show, but to have her on it feels like the show is trying to not so subtly hint that it supports Hilary and that you should too.

And it’s not like I’m saying you shouldn’t, but I don’t really watch the show for that.

That and I feel like they’ve begun overplaying the “we’re females” bit. It’s hard to really explain without going over the entire season, but when an episode centers entirely on not having tampons, I feel like it’s a bit too much (Like I’m fine with it being part of the episode’s plot, but it could have used some other shit going on too)

I don’t know. I’m feeling lukewarm towards the series now. Might not continue on with it.


No anime this week. I know I said I’d get to it, but it’s been hard to hold my attention lately. I think I need to develop a routine for the things I do again. Which I guess will be the goal for week 28.

Really nothing of note this week. Disappointing, but I’ll work on that.. I promise