Week 31

When I was young, I always liked going places. Mostly because it meant getting a video game or something I couldn’t get where I lived. However, I also liked the experience of getting out and experiencing somewhere new.

Yesterday, I went to Ashland WI, a place I hadn’t been to for years. I had no expectations for it, but I also couldn’t help hoping for some of that old feeling I used to get when I visited places like that. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be as most the experience was rather unappealing to me.

Most interesting highlights of the trip were when we stopped by this beach near Lake Superior (which was just littered with animal poop for some reason) and a little Asian girl that hid behind me while I was walking downtown. Other than that though, nothing was especially interesting to me. Not even the trip to Arbys could make me feel positive about the experience.

I guess when you get older and you start to realize that the possibilities of the world isn’t endless, you start to lose a lot of your sense of adventure. Add on to that the fact that there’s only a few things I find interesting, and you have a combination that pretty much spells “mediocre experience” every time. I don’t want it to be like this, of course, but unfortunately, in the years since I realized this, I haven’t been able to expand things I’m interested in nor have I been able to convince myself that something good could happen outside my expectations.

Maybe I need to go somewhere that’s not Wisconsin or I need people I can go with that can make the experiences better.

Ah well.

I talked last week about coming up with a schedule. I’ve now come up with a new schedule. While most things are going to stay the same for a while, there’s a few adjustments I’ve made to my routines and some new things that I’ve added

Things I’ve changed:

  1. I’m going to bed at 1-1:30 am
  2. I’m waking up at 10 am
  3. I’m focusing less on adding to my Japanese reviews for a bit

Things I’ve added:

  1. From 1 until 3, I’m going to try and read a Japanese VN. My hope is that I can get better at Japanese if I commit myself to trying to read it everyday (rather than just relying on adding flashcards) Everything I’ve seen from other people’s experiences show that seems to do a much better job than ANKI SRS (which is why I’m sticking to review and not adding a whole lot)
  2. From about 7-8:30 I’m going to watch anime. This equates to about 3 (or 4 if you skip openings and endings) episodes per day.

One thing to note is that I’m not limited to doing those things only at those times of day. Rather, I can spend as much time as I want with them, but I have to at least do the bare minimum that I scheduled.

When an occasion comes up where I might not get to follow my regular schedule, I will try to do more ahead of time to balance things out. However, if I don’t, it’s not something I’m going to worry about. All that matters is that I follow my schedule whenever I am able to.

I do have more stuff I want to add to the schedule if things work out, but for now I want to keep things reasonable by sticking to only two things for a while.


Last week probably sounded pretty bad, but since then my discipline has been pretty strong. Even though I kept my JP account, I have not given into the temptation to spend more money on my JP account.

I’m still ultimately unsure of what I’m going to do about my JP accounts. I was initially going to keep my original JP one (that I did a guaranteed gacha roll for) but the problem is, I’ve hit a wall. The content has become difficult to where I need better units to advance. Units I would easily have on my NA account, but NA wont be getting there for years.

My other JP account offers more easy stuff to do and a better roster of characters to use (in some respect), but it’s farther behind and I would have to spend a lot of time shoring it up to the stage my first account is at. Not sure if I really want to invest time that could be more productively spent. Guess I need to think about it some more..

NA wise, there’s two days until my big summer roll. I’m pretty excited for that. Hopefully it doesn’t fuck me over as badly as some other rolls have been.

Been feeling better this week in comparison to last week. I think the solution was to open up my window and get fresh air. That seemed to really improve my spirits.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go in next weeks post

(Maybe even a photo post this week)