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Circumstances right now don’t allow me room to stop living with my parents. Thus, I’m doing all that I can to make the most of things and also get some kind of life started for me. This post is mainly about the stuff I’ve been working on to tackle those two issues.

If you’re wondering why I can’t just move out, it’s a long story that I’m tired of rehashing (mostly because it makes me feel bleh) Essentially, it’s a combination of the bad housing market/high rent and the lack of a solid plan on what I should do next. While I hope to eventually fix the lack of a plan over the next year (something I might talk about in this post but more than likely will talk about next post), I can’t really control the first other than try to save up money (which is way easier to do when you don’t pay rent)

A big thing I’ve been working on while home is creating a productive space. The problem I face is that my house is small, my room is small, and my family has some genetic predisposition to horde. Not in a disgusting way (we don’t keep old food containers or anything you might see on TV), but we all have the habit of keeping around a lot of stuff we don’t use/need. Thus my family and I suffer from the classic problem of having too much crap with nowhere to put it.

My first big goal has been partly to downsize and partly to optimize. While I admittedly still need to cut down my buying a little, I’ve been making a real effort to get rid of stuff and giving myself more breathing room. The hope is that if I can get it to a point where it feels open and productive but not boring (I find being too minimalist to be stifling to one’s creativity)

Some things I’ve done already include replacing my bulky desk with a more practical L-shaped one and installing some more effective shelving. Next I hope to install some shelfs on the wall to offer more storage (mostly figures,plushes and books) by the end of this month. If things go as planned, I should be able to take some pictures of the results then too

The second big goal is to lessen my time on my desktop computer. Normally, my habits have me turning it on when I wake up and loitering on it when my attention shifts. This not only wastes time, but it also causes me to make a lot more random purchases than I probably should. I want to manage both the time and my money a bit better.

There’s been some progress in this area. It’s not at the point where I think I’ve broken the addiction, but I have spent as much as a week without turning on the PC. If I can get some other things setup, I think spending a month or more might be a possibility (note: This doesn’t mean I would never turn it on. Only that I would use it when I had purpose to use it)

I will talk about how I’m doing this at a later date (probably next weeks post)

The third goal is redoubling my efforts on Japanese. For a period I did slack a bit due to the release of Xenoblade 3, but now that I’m mostly done with that, I’m anxious to dive back into it (actually I think the break was good in the regard it made me miss learning Japanese) Currently I am going through a 7-8k vocabulary anki deck, and am already through 1k words. Even though those words are mostly ones I already know, it’s still quite motivating to see how far I’ve really come.

I’m also looking to get back into reading some things. I’ve got one visual novel on the Switch that I’ve been reading without texthooking (one of my current biggest crutches) and I have some plans to replay a few JRPGs in Japanese soon (as well as some Japanese only games) My hope is that by next year I should be close to a n1 level of Japanese. Close enough to where taking the test might actually be a consideration and possibly even a potential future career

Fourth goal is to read and write more. You can probably guess this is why I restarted work on my blog again. Other things I’m doing includes acquiring a lot of manga recently and working more into my schedule.

That’s all for today’s post. I had initially planned to go a bit more into a lot of stuff, but I have some other things to do and unfortunately writing is having a draining effect on me right now (it might also be the rainy weather) Rather than try to force things, I figured it would be better to just keep things short for now.

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