Been thinking about redoing the site again I…

Been thinking about redoing the site again. I don’t think I use tags effectively enough to justify their existence, and I’ve been wanting to change the color scheme/font design to make things a bit nicer to read. Shouldn’t be too hard to implement in theory, but my experience tells me to not take it too lightly. Thus I can’t really give a date on it other than sometime between now and 2024

I’ve been hard at work selling a bunch of stuff on eBay. The main reason being I could really use the money to cover my irresponsible spending of the past year, but also because I’ve realized I just have too much shit. Shit that just isn’t doing anything for me anymore. Shit that’s just making life more difficult than it needs to be.

In a prior post, I mentioned a lot about the reasons I buy a lot of this shit. Some of it is for things I plan to do in the future (like I might buy a manga series on a deal if I think I might be interested in reading it someday, or big deluxe copies of games that I plan to replay) or it’s something I buy to feel like I’m adequately showing my appreciation of something (and for potential recognition from other peopl)

I knew those both weren’t great. Particularly when I have so little money and I should be working towards a sustainable future. Though it took me a while to sort it out and confront it internally. It is not, what some people might expect, as simple as just telling yourself to grow up and be responsible. Rather it’s a process of convincing yourself that you’re strong enough without it. It’s a process of gaining self confidence to not feel dependent on that stuff.

It’s also a process of finding inner peace and learning to let go of material possession. I know that probably sounds really Buddhist, and to be fair, I actually am really attracted to a lot of Buddhist philosophy. I view it more under the light of being mentally healthier.

Of course I’m not looking to go completely minimalist here. Maybe eventually if I find that things lead that way, I might. However, at this stage I’m still very much interested in acquiring things. I’m just finally starting to get to a stage where I’m more selective of things.

One example I can give is with video games. One thing I’ve been trying to do is to stop buying expensive collectors editions. I don’t know if I had mentioned it before, but I had cancelled both the collectors edition of Final Fantasy VII rebirth and an upcoming trails game. Recently I also sold the collectors edition I bought for Star Ocean the second story as well.

When I think about all the collector’s editions of games that I’ve ever bought, none of them have ever really been amazing. While it would look neat when I first got it, what would end up happening is I’d enjoy the game and then it and the collectors edition contents would sit around. Not doing anything. Just taking up space.

And yeah it’d look cool on my shelf, but you know what else looks cool on my shelf? A figure, a plush, hell just about anything. Just because it’s something I love doesn’t mean I need to have that specific thing in order to show I love it. It’s just excess crap in a lot of cases

Particularly with games. You know the ones that offer art books and OSTs? Most of the time the artbook doesn’t hold a candle to official artbooks you can buy later and the OSTs are only ever of arranged songs. Sometimes the game will come with a figure, but even figures a lot of the time have other options if the character is popular enough (Hell I didn’t even want the 18 inch Sephiroth statue from rebirth when I first ordered the collectors edition.. Why I even ordered it in the first place is really hard to explain)

I’ve actually started selling a lot of my games that have PC ports on Steam too. It just doesn’t make sense to collect a library of physical games when the systems they’re on aren’t always going to be there. Yeah, digital means I’m dependent on Steam, but then I don’t really think I’m going to replay every game I ever buy (and even if I do I can’t imagine it being more than once) A digital library, I feel is much more practical. It may not be as impressive to show off as a physical.. But..

But another thing is I feel like game collecting really is only for the titles you really care about. Not for complete sets of games, or even games that you like. I think it’s more important to curate and refine collections to your essence. Otherwise, what does your collection really do when it’s a hodgepodge of stuff?

BUT I haven’t given up completely on collecting game stuff. If Suikoden were to come out with something special or even part 3 of FF7 (if they come out with something Tifa related) I could be tempted. Hell Xenogears and Chrono Trigger too (I’ve already bought plenty of Xenogears merch in the past month. What’s different is that I’ve taken a more practical approach to it all. Rather than just letting my love of something dictate whether i needed to have something.

Well for the most part.. It’s still all a work in progress.