A 4th of July Miracle

After yesterday’s post, I spiraled a bit. If you can’t figure out what that means, basically I found myself engaging in repetitive unproductive behaviors that brought my mood way down. It sucked. I think I only got one thing accomplished.

Today was looking to be much the same, but I guess I reached the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I just forced myself to deactivate all of it, and now I’m convincing myself that there’s no value in it. It’s just an endless stream of shit an algorithm spits at you for engagement. It’s all feces people shit out for engagement. None of it’s good for accomplishing anything.

I want friends, but meeting them via places like Twitter and Reddit doesn’t work. Rather it gets me engaged in a lot of stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter. What’s the point arguing with other souls fans about why a pause button wouldn’t ruin the game series or about the merits of media they have no intention of approaching with an open mind? Even when you engage in more positive focused things, it’s not like someone is going to follow you or make you their buddy. No matter how much you might engage with them. At best you might get a like to your reply, but there’s never any kind of “Hey I recognize you from the other posts you commented on”

I’ve known for a long time that I’d have to change my approach. The reason I haven’t until now is because it’s easy. It’s minimal investment. It’s literally like a slot machine. You put in a small investment hoping for a big payout, and before you know it, you’ve invested a lot for almost no return (Or you hit jackpot I guess, but then you still keep playing)

In any event, it’s time we get things back on track here. I’ve got a lot of stuff I want to do, and I’m not getting any younger. Either I work hard and change something or I fall into greater misery. It’s not a hard choice, even if it’s a difficult thing to put into action.

First step is to stop talking and start walking. I’ll see you for the regularly scheduled post next week with what happens next.