Week 10

I feel disingenuous. I say I’m going to leave social media, and within no time at all I’m back to using it. I guess I should stop making such claims. Even if they make me feel good in the moment, I should exercise more control and discipline. In more areas than one, if I’m being honest.

BUT lets not dwell on that too much.

Let’s see what’s new this week? It was Anime-Expo last week. I’m a little sad I wasn’t able to go. Not that I had any specific plans for it, I just like the idea of a large convention in theory. Given previous accounts of AX, I always felt a sense of a relief for not going (particularly with how badly they managed crowds) but I heard this AX was actually decent for that.

Though a lot of the desire, I’ll admit, stems more from wanting to be a part of the people I see go there more than the event itself. I see a lot of attractive/influential people posting about their experiences and part of my brain goes “I wish I was part of that group” I know if I just went by myself it would be a mostly average time as I speak to no one and spend way too much money in the exhibition hall. That’s been my pattern of behavior in past anime conventions when I’ve gone by myself after all.

Apart from that, it was also the week of the 4th. Not much going on there apart from the usual “stay indoors and away from fireworks” Not that I don’t enjoy fireworks visually, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the noise or the smell of smoke in the air. I’d also probably enjoy it more if I had people to really spend it with, but nah

BUT again lets not dwell on any of that. God it seems like I can’t help just settling into that melancholy mindset today. I blame a lot of the shit that’s going on in US politics right now.

We got a new fridge in our house. I was super excited to finally get a working ice maker (rather than having to use the trays) but it seems that it leaks for some reason (pretty badly too)

Next week I go to see a neurologist. Fingers crossed that he can shed some light on my medical situation or get the ball rolling more than my primary care doctor (who has been mostly unhelpful)

Media-wise, I’ve been playing Lies of P without using summons on bosses. The first time in souls-like or even souls games that I’ve ever not used the summons. No I don’t really care about the people who say summons are cheating, Lies of P is just the only game where I’ve felt like “Yeah I can get behind some additional challenge”

I’m almost through Mushoku Tensei volume 8. It’s going well.

Bleh, I’m just not up to it today. Going to just write it off as shit and do something else. Sorry folks