I’ve been buying a lot of manga recently. Primarily it’s been series I’ve already read such as Oyasumi Punpun and Berserk. While I do have intentions of rereading both (especially Berserk), I find that one of my other motivators is wanting something physical I can either pass down or leave behind one day. Is that weird? Am I just giving myself excuses for the dopamine hits buying stuff gives me? (Please don’t answer that)

I’ve actually been thinking about buying a few things lately. Not for dopamine hits, I promise. Rather because for some reason, I find myself being sicker at home than when I’m not at home. This is why a lot of the time when I go to the doctors there’s almost never any symptoms for them to observe.

In specific an air purifier and a small vacuum. My idea is that maybe my room has too much crap in the air and it needs something extra to make it more hospitable. Seems pretty practical right? I’m worried that if it doesn’t work though I’ll just have more crap lying about (something I really don’t need) Though I guess I could always pack them away for whenever I move out of here. Hmm (As I type, I have the Amazon page open on one)

It’d be nice to find out what’s making me feel sick. Much as I’m looking to move out, I don’t want to leave home before I have a good handle on my health. Though I don’t know, if it takes much longer I might just say fuck it