Site restructuring/redesign

Previously had been in a state of disrepair. No new posts, a very basic/dull appearance, and all around not very interesting/engaging. Since my recommitment to maintaining it, I’ve wanted to give everything a fresh coat of paint (so to speak) This page is for documenting stuff as I do them (most recent to least)

November 16 2022

I’ve actually been working on this project for a couple of weeks now at this point. However it was only today that I came up with the idea to do a projects category and to make a post about my progress on the site. Thus, I didn’t keep track of every single thing I had done up to this moment, and I will be going off my faulty memory.

The first thing I wanted to do was to change the theme. Previously, I couldn’t be fucked due to how cumbersome WordPress themes could be, and went for something that felt like a 2000s era Livejournal. If you can’t picture it, I would say don’t worry about it.

The problem with finding good WordPress themes is that there’s thousands of them and they’re all trying to make money off of you. Google is infested with tons of garbage results from people manipulating their search engine placement. Similarly WordPress’ own search system is a nightmare to try and sift through.

I developed a bit of a lifehack to deal with this and similar other situations where Google gives you a bunch of sites trying to sell you shit (like when you’re looking to make big purchases) Simply change your search on Google to include Reddit. That way you’re more likely to get subreddits where people are actually talking about their opinions on things instead of some generic “the 10 best wordpress themes”

It was through a sub I can’t remember that I saw a lot of people recommending GeneratePress. I got it and it’s been a dream to work with. Normally I have to spend days hacking a WP theme in order to get it to behave how I want, but there’s been very little I’ve had to do outside of the normal configuration settings.

Once I got some suitable colors picked out, I decided the site logo at the top could use something and I ended up finding this Apple-esque image of an anime girl with straight cut bangs that fit my motif.

Next was changing how the site functioned.

I wanted to write more without having to write more. Which might sound a bit contradictory, but it’ll make sense when I explain it.

Before when I would make a blog post, I would spend hours writing.

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