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How to use this site

The purpose of this site

At the base level, I’ll admit there’s a part of me who does it for attention. At least that’s what I started a blog for (see the section after this for more), but that’s not the only thing. I also maintain a site because I like the idea of having a place where a complete stranger can get to know me. Maybe even come to understand who I am.

It’s something I’ve always kind of wish for when it came to other people. While I ultimately understand that I can’t always understand people, there’s still part of me that wishes everyone could just openly write about themselves. Having a blog makes me feel like I can do that for somebody.

The history behind this site

It all started with a Livejournal back in the early 2000s.

A note about copyright mumbo jumbo

Anything written on this site is my intellectual property unless I specify otherwise. You may share it with others as long as you credit, but you may not profit from it (Not that I expect anyone could)

Images conversely are not mine unless I specify otherwise.

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