For those that aren’t aware I play Fate…

For those that aren’t aware, I play Fate Grand Order on a daily basis. I play on both NA and JP. My NA account is about 6 years old now, while my JP is a little over a year (I used to have other JP account I played that are older, but I don’t have access to them anymore) My NA is a bit of a whale account (where I’ve been known to spend more than I should) whereas my JP is more of a dolphin.

Most recently on the NA server I got the last support servant that I wanted for my account (Oberon) and decided to go F2P (free to play) It wasn’t a hard decision (there’s not much I feel I want for it) but it was a decision I probably should have made sooner given my financial situation (I’m not in trouble, it just makes it hard to save) JP too, by extension needs to be free to play too (or else nothing really changes)

Last night I stayed up until 3:30 AM watching JP’s anniversary stream. Normally, I don’t want JP streams and just wait until tomorrow to find out what’s been added. However there were posts from the NA side that seemed to suggest something big was going to happen, and because of that, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep that night.

I wont deny that I was hoping they would announce a speed-up of the NA server (for those that don’t know NA is two years behind in content compared to JP) Even though I know it would fuck with my plans to be F2P in terms of being able to save, I’ve never liked the fact that I have to wait 2 years for translations of story content (which is the main reason I play FGO)

Sure, I could use other translations or even put some effort into reading JP myself, but I’m also pretty lazy. Not to mention I’ve become attached to my NA account more due to all the time and money I’ve put into it. I feel like if I start reading story on JP it has to be my main account (which may seem like a weird hang-up but oh well)

Unfortunately, there was no announced plans of a speed up, but I could have forgiven that if only NA had announced something worth the time I spent staying awake.. NA however announced a fat load of nothing

Okay they technically announced some stuff we knew coming and there was a character upgrade that was coming early.. But that was really about it. Majorly disappointing

On JP’s side of things, it was also kind of a let-down. Sure there was some cool stuff like a new kind of special paid summoning and teases of things to come. But there didn’t seem to be anything major. No coin fix, no pity adjustments, no quick fix. It was all bog-standard “here’s a bunch of quartz and a smidgen of QOL updates”

The only part I really liked about JP’s anniversary was the anni servant. After recently reading LB6 (latest chapter of NA’s story) I’ve started to really like the character of Morgan more than Castoria. The new character being Morgan pre-LB6 version made me want her bad.

I tossed about 300 SQ into the banner. First ten spin I get a 5 star caster spook (spook means instead of the rate-up servant you get an off rate-up of the same rarity) Second spin I get a 5 star lancer spook. Last multi I got a 5 star rider spook. I was not very pleased.

My special anniversary summons (ones that guarantee you a 5 star that you need to pay a little bit for) were not quite great either.

I’d post some pictures, but I forgot to actually take some. If I roll gacha in the future, I’ll be sure to show any time I get 5 stars or anything noteworthy. Don’t expect much though since I am trying hard to be F2P now (Even more so since I haven’t been able to get to anni servant… hopefully I can get her with free quartz I can scrounge together)