The past couple weeks or so I’ve been…

The past couple weeks or so I’ve been primarily playing the newly released Lies of P on Game Pass. As a huge fan of souls games (played every one of them excessively minus Sekiro), the game seemed the closest souls-like game to a Fromsoft title ever. Turns out it was a lot more similar than I was expecting.

Maximilian Dood, a popular Twitch Streamer/Youtuber, said it was the first game that wasn’t a souls-like but rather an actual souls game, and I’m inclined to agree with that sentiment. Nothing else has ever come this close to feeling like a Fromsoft game. Now that this exists, in fact, it’s caused me to look a lot more critically at other souls-likes (It’s much the reason I didn’t pick up Lords of the Fallen)

I can’t sing the game’s praises any higher other than to say it’s given Resident Evil 4 a good run for it’s money as both game of the year and as one of my favorite games. I eagerly await DLC (moreso than Elden Ring at the moment, though that’s more recency bias)