Quick and dirty impressions of the latest Yakuza…

Quick and dirty impressions of the latest Yakuza game (Like a Dragon The Man Who Erased His Name)

Apparently this was originally planned to be DLC. While the story itself feels more than DLC, it’s not hard to see from the rest of the game that it was pretty barebones. 90% of the settings and extra stuff were things present in previous games. The few new additions (namely some of the combat gadgets and one new location)were things that wouldn’t be out of place for a DLC either.

I understand somewhat why they would want to release it as a standalone game. That being said, I don’t think it’s really worth the price it goes for. At the most, I could say it’s worth 25 maybe 30 bucks. 50 is way too much, even if you consider that new games these days cost 70. If someone disagrees, all you have to do is look at Yakuza 8 coming out in January to see how much more content there is than this game)

Thankfully the game was available on Gamepass, and the monthly subscription is more than worth it if you’re a Yakuza fan who wants to experience the story. I loved the game’s story. It’s probably one of the most emotional in the Yakuza series so far.

I didn’t care as much for the combat. It might be partly due to them not putting their full attention into it, but I have a suspicion that it’s more because I’ve grown tired of the beatdown mechanics. While initially I wasn’t happy with Yakuza 7 becoming a turn-based RPG, I feel like after the fact, I’ve started to recognize it as a proper evolution to the series.

Looking forward to 8 next year. While I’m excited to see Kasuga again, I hope they do resolve Joyru’s story a bit with it. That man deserves a happy ending.