Rewrite+ [JP]

Before official localizations started happening with Key games and way before I knew Japanese, I played Ixrec’s fan translation of Rewrite. While I enjoyed the game, I have to be honest when I say that there was a lot I didn’t understand about the true route. Given numerous criticisms of Ixrec’s translation ability and the fact that I’ve forgotten most of what happened in the game, I earmarked it for a possible replay one day.

Why I decided to pick it up now is due to the fact that I recently been taking advantage of the low yen exchange rate to get copies of various games I wanted to own. In order to not feel like I was buying a bunch of stuff I’d never get around to, I made a vow to play something. Rewrite+ just happened to win out over the rest.

Right now I’m still in the common route. I read a guide that suggested Kotori -> Chihaya -> Shizuru -> Lucia -> Akane, so I’ll probably go with that. Thus far it’s been pretty entertaining. A bit harder to read, Japanese wise, than Summer Pockets which kind of surprised me (I suppose that’s the effect of different writers)

I would like to finish it before the New Year, but we’ll see.

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