One thing I’ve decided to do as of…

One thing I’ve decided to do, as of late, is to stop doing Anki reviews in favor of reading more of my Japanese VNs. I forgot to mention it in my Sakura no Toki post, but it’s part of what helped me get through it. Now that I’ve finished Toki though, it’s time to find a new VN to try.

I have a long list of VNs that I’ve acquired/earmarked as future read candidates. It’s so long in fact that I’ve actually forgotten why most of them are there. Thus I had to spend some time looking at VNDB pages this afternoon in order to refresh my memory and field some potential candidates.

I’m not expecting much of the one I started reading today, Lovely Quest. I don’t want to use the word trash to describe things (especially if it’s someone’s favorite), but it falls in line with what some people would probably consider kind of trashy. Like the tropes are super blatant and it’s clear there’s like a ton of girls that have the hots for the MC. But sometimes that can be enjoyable way to take a break