07:End of the line

This is my last monthly post for the forseeable future. From here on out I plan to do more frequent micro-blogging that talks about things I’ve been doing

The decision to start micro-blogging was something I’ve been thinking about for weeks, but the decision to stop the monthly posts was more recent. Not going to go into it other than I feel like I lost my reason for posting them to begin with. I’d also like to avoid anyone misunderstanding things from dumping my emotional baggage here.

Yeah, that’s all I really have to say about that.


Today I started thinking about whether such a thing as vocal majority exists. You often hear conflicting groups call the opposition a vocal minority, but when you get down to enumerating them, it feels more like there’s an equal number of all the people making noise. A number that is nowhere near the amount of people that you would think is affected by whatever issue,.

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Good weather has finally come, but as if wished on a monkey’s paw, it’s not without a catch. At the moment that catch seems to be an abnormally large amount of mosquitos making their base in my room. If you think I’m exaggerating, know that I’ve killed at least 7 of these little shits within the two hours I’ve been awake. When you add that with my total kill count over the past week, I’m betting it’s close 30 or 40, and that’s just the ones I’ve actually been successful in killing (Let’s pour one out for the countless bug bites I’ve endured)

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04: Metamorphosis

It’s close to the end of the April, but going by the weather in northwestern Wisconsin, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone thought it was the middle of March. Hell, I live here and even I am taken aback by how shitty it can be here. Even though this has been matter of course for many years, I still become dumbfounded by the weather here.

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03: March Madness

I’m not much into basketball, but I find the term “March Madness” to be strangely appropriate for this time of year. Both for the weather and my overall mental state. At least in comparison to any other time of the year.

I call my mental state madness, but most would probably understand it better as stir-crazy. Though I would say my mental state is actually something more than that, stir-crazy is probably the largest component. In other words, I’m sick of my life at home all by myself.

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02: A rough patch

February has always been my least favorite month of the year. I admit that not being fond of winter and being single plays a big part in that. While I’ve tried to look past those aspects, I can’t say I remember ever having anything good to say about the month other than “at least it’s short”

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00: The “practice” post

Every month of 2023 (and potentially onwards) I plan to make a post that summarizes my experiences that month. Since the end of January is still a ways away and the site’s content is a bit lacking, I’ve decided to make a practice post to give people an idea of what the monthly posts will be like. Just to get the feet wet a bit.

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