I’m not a huge fan of horror media…

I’m not a huge fan of horror media. While I like to occasionally feel unnerved by a story, I don’t tend to take a lot of enjoyment from being scared. In fact, due to a somewhat traumatic experience when I was young, I mostly try to avoid horror media.

That extended to games until I watched a friend play Silent Hill 2. I’m not sure if it was due to it being dated (this was in 2014 or so) or if it was just being older that gave me courage. However, having enjoyed his playthrough, I wound up playing both Silent Hill 1 (Clunky and doesn’t hold up), 3 (Amazing game), and 4 (bit different, but not bad)

Since the success (relative) of Silent Hill, I was tempted to try other games I’d long avoided. On that list was Resident Evil. Resident Evil however was even more dated than Silent Hill (with 3 entries being on PS1) and were notorious for their tank controls (Which I think Silent Hill 1 might have had, but honestly I can’t remember)

I ended up getting involved with other games and forgot about Resident Evil for a while. It wasn’t until they announce a remake of RE4 (the one a lot of people heralded as the GOAT) that I thought about giving it a shot again. I played RE4 remake and was blown away.

It’s too bad that RE4 is considered to be a lot different than it’s predecessors. Namely all the things I liked about the remake, I’ve read aren’t huge part of the previous games (The open nature) Thus it’s unlikely I’ll ever play the previous ones at this point, but it looks like Capcom might be working on more games that go in that direction

Most recently, they released a DLC for RE4 called Separate Ways for 10 bucks. After spending 3-4 hours on it initially, and then at least 20 hours on replaying it, I have to judge it as amazing as the original game. Especially since it’s only a 10 dollar DLC (honestly they could have gotten away with more)

Even now I still find myself booting up RE4 to challenge myself further. It’s one of the few games I can say really belongs on a list of being the greatest games ever (Along with games like FFVII, Suikoden II, Doom, etc)

Resident Evil 4

I went back and forth on whether I should talk about my experiences with Resident Evil 4 remake in my monthly post or in its own post. Originally I was going to make it its own post, but there is an aspect of it that ties to something kind of big that I want to talk about in April’s post. Ultimately though I felt that it would not only be easier to write separately, but it would also be a more comfortable read spread apart.

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