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I’m still really enjoying the series Yakitate!! Japan. Currently I’m about 14 episodes in now. While it’s pretty predictable in the sense of you know the MC is going to win, I find myself really appreciating all the references that get thrown in and things that are parodied. It’s just so damn comfy.

On a whim the other day I checked…

On a whim, the other day I checked out the various anime channels available on free streaming platforms (roku, Plutotv, etc) I forget where, but I came across this anime called Yakitate Japan!! Despite it already being on episode 40 something, I found myself watching two episodes

I liked it so much I ended up hunting down the original series and watched the first five episodes yesterday. My initial thoughts:

It’s anime about baking bread. On paper that probably sounds pretty dull to people, but in reality it’s actually a fairly funny show. Maybe not on the levels of say Gintama or Konosuba, but it does get me to laugh out loud which is a feat

It’s weird watching from the beginning when I’ve already seen two of the episodes in the 40s. Particularly because I didn’t know who a lot of the characters were then, and finding out retrospectively is a strange feeling.

It’s also 69 episodes, which I have to obligatorily say “Nice” to.