Shinsekai Yori (episode 10)

This series has been on the backburner pretty much ever since I heard about it (years and years ago) I don’t have any good reasons about why it took this long, other than to say that I frequently watch anime before bed and often put it off because I didn’t want to potentially give myself nightmares (I knew, vaguely, that the show would be somewhat messed up)

I knew this series would potentially be fucked up, but I have to say at the point I’m at, I didn’t quite expect this

Made in Abyss S1 (Rewatch)

I loved Made in Abyss when it initially premiered. Never got to see the movie, and now there’s a season 2. While I remember what happens pretty well, I want to get the experience of going through the movie/s2 with the experience of S1 fresh in my head. Some might consider that a bit masochistic (given the nature of MiA) but I guess I’m a glutton for pain sometimes