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I finished watching Nagi no Asukara yesterday. It’s a series about these people who live in the sea and their relationships with people on the land. More specifically it follows a group of kids from the sea who are forced to attend school up on the land and them dealing with the increasing tensions between sea and land. Even more specifically, its one of those series where there’s a lot of complex romantic entanglements (A will like B, B doesn’t know who they like, C likes A etc)

My feelings on it are mixed. I am mostly happy with who ended up with who at the end, but the melodrama was overdone. I found myself wanting to roll my eyes when certain characters would cry and run off and then get chased (It would have been fine just once, but it felt like all the time) I would have instead preferred to see more episodes devoted to characters getting to know each other better (rather than a lot of the dramatic turns they throw at you)

Ultimately not something I regret watching. but not something I’d ever recommend