It’s time for a bit of an update…

It’s time for a bit of an update on me.

Lately, I’ve been feeling good. Really good. The reason why is still somewhat unclear, but what it comes down to is that there’s been something wrong with my gut for the past several years and I’m only now starting to find some relief for it.

To be more specific, I’ve had numerous health issues that have been bothering me for several years now (4 or 5 at least) Random alarming body pains, weird pulsations, constipation, and acid reflex. While maybe not all related to each other (unsure) they were really interfering with my quality of life. Enough where I went to the doctor several times (and several different doctors) to get some kind of direction.

My regular doctor would just give me blood tests, all of which would come back normal. She would tell me that I’m just getting old and that I needed to take fiber and laxatives. Which I did to minimal improvements. Another doctor told me it was fibromyalgia (which they then admitted is basically a doctors diagnosis when they don’t know what’s going on) (Basically them giving up without really trying) Another doctor, upon learning some family history, gave me a referral for a colonoscopy which was quite an ordeal (but otherwise showed no problems) Oh and I also got tested for allergies once

My own suspicion was either something with my stomach or neurological. I figured the constipation/acid reflex was a stomach problem and the pains were some kind of neuropathy. I even wondered if they might be related. The doctors I saw seemed to dismiss the idea, but honestly I feel like it was outside their field of expertise. I wanted them to refer me to a neurologist or someone who knows the stomach, but my guess is doctors wont refer you to a specialist unless they themselves have some idea (and just need confirmation)

In any case, doctors weren’t really stepping up to the plate, and it was causing me a lot of frustration. This on top of the frustration with where I was in life and time ceaselessly marching on, really fucked with me for the past several years. And while I wouldn’t go as far to call the last several years irredeemable, I would say I wasn’t anywhere near where I needed to be.

But now things are different. While I’m still not sure exactly what’s going on, I feel better and closer to an answer.

You see, in my quest to figure out what’s causing my issues, I started a new probiotic. A few hours after my first dose of it, I noticed I had developed some itchy spots. This wasn’t the first time I had experienced itchiness like it, but I found the timing to be somewhat suspect. Reading online, I then found out about something called histamine intolerance

While it wasn’t a perfect fit for everything wrong with me, I wondered if it might really be something with my gut. So I’ve started doing a few things like eliminating my consumption of milk and taking only half of the two pills of the dose of my probiotic.. and well.. I haven’t faced any issues of constipation since.

That’s not all though. I find myself feeling a lot less depressed and anxious. I’m also a lot less irritable.

I still deal with random pains and acid reflux like symptoms, but I feel like they’re a lot more manageable now that I’m not also dealing with the constipation. Who knows, they might also get better with some more time. I can’t really say for sure.

I do have a physical sometime in the future, and I plan to ask my doctor more. At the very least, I hope that if they don’t know they can give me a referral to someone who does (for once) That’d be great..

But even without that, I feel myself heading more and more towards a positive direction as of late. Hopefully I’ll have some more to share in regards to that over the coming weeks