I recently played Todd Howard’s recent hype beast…

I recently played Todd Howard’s recent hype beast Starfield. Despite it being available on Game Pass (which I had an active subscription to at the time) I decided to buy it for full price (well actually $10 cheaper through Greenmangaming) for the deluxe edition (or whatever the edition that let you play early)

It was mostly because I wanted to play it early, but I also justified buying it as an investment. Since it came with a future expansion and would probably support a ton of mods one day, I figured it wasn’t a bad idea to just own it rather than relying on gamepass and having to inevitably purchase later.

The game itself was a mix. I really liked a lot of the ideas that seemed to be behind Starfield, but the execution all left something to be desired. Ship combat, for example, was something I was excited for, but the difficulty of which is unreal (unless you level up skills specific to ship, in which case it only becomes somewhat manageable)

There was also a lot of things that were downright broken as most Bethesda games tend to be. Sometimes quests would bug out making them impossible to complete, or at best you got something comical like NPCs walking around naked on the surface of Mars. The only good thing I can say in regards to major bugs is that actual crashes were somewhat minimal…

I liked the concept behind New Game+ which made me play through the game about a total of 10 times. Though truthfully I only wanted to play through it about 3. The only reason I kept playing was some bogus info that you got something special after playing through 10 times (maybe it wasn’t but I never saw any differences in my 10th playthrough)

One kind of interesting thing is that in New Game+ you can randomly get a playthrough where things are different. Explaining how would be spoilers, but essentially it only happens like 13% of the time and changes the setup of the game somewhat. I only had this happen to me once, but if it would have happened to me more and if it would have affected more (It only really affects a small part of the main quest) I would have no issue playing this game the 10 times I did.

As it stands, Starfield is a decently fun game. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the full triple A cost, but on game pass it’s not a bad deal. I could also see it being great in a year or two’s time after people have had the chance to mod and fix the shit out of it (similar to Skyrim)