I finished Sakura no Toki yesterday 7 28…

I finished Sakura no Toki yesterday (7/28/2023)

If you’re looking for general impressions, I think the first 4 chapters are really solid. I also really think they did a better job with the heroine routes than in Uta (It actually feels like solid romance for Naoya) I only wish that they would have considered doing another route or two (it’s quite weird to have only two)

The fifth chapter was a bit hard to swallow, and is what caused me to stall the game for a while. While I did end up enjoying it by the end of it. It still felt the weakest part of the overall package. Chapter 6 brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face, and probably improved the overall games score to being close to Uta (Not that I rate VNs to begin with)

I do hope SCA-DI makes a fan-disc someday that explores some of the other female characters. Not sure if they should be what-if stories with Naoya (considering some plot stuff in toki), but then again I can’t think of any male characters I’d rather see them with.

If anyone wants me to, I can write up more in-depth thoughts later.