Week 4

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot more on my Japanese. I actually spent most of this past week, including memorial day, going through an Anki deck based on Wanikani. Ended up putting at least 5-8 hours every day in reviews, to where I can somewhat confidently say I know half of Wanikani’s content fairly well. I’m hoping by the end of June to know all of it (perhaps even earlier if I push myself)

Once I work through Wanikani’s words content, I plan on switching over to the core deck again. I’m hoping I can get an Anki extension working to take out all the stuff I know from Wanikani. Though if that doesn’t work, I might just suspend cards I know until I find newer stuff.

I also want to start practicing handwriting the kanji characters. My logic is that it will help better at recognizing the individual radicals in each character. Though I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that wants to do it just because it would feel cool to have a notebook filled with kanji I can show people and be like “Look at the Japanese I studied”

I’m still trying to decide if I should focus on reading a VN, play a game, or read a light novel to work on my immersion. Part of me wants to do all three, but there’s obviously time constraints along with what I can focus on. Hopefully after this post I’ll have something figure out.

In regards to my mission to stay away from social media, it’s been about the same as week 3. I find myself watching some more YT or browsing more Reddit than I probably should. I even ended up making the mistake of engaging on YT. Not good, but also not that bad either considering I’m still accomplishing things.

Ditto to my mission not to buy things. I haven’t been doing a great job with that. While not entirely frivolous, it still feels like I’m out of control anytime I need to load up Amazon for something. That is, when I order one thing I start thinking about all the other things I could use and that often gets me ordering stuff I might not need right away.

Like last night I was on to buy a lighting solution for my room (basically needed something that wasn’t as bulky and in the way as my floor lamp to keep the room lit) Which got me buying supplements for my stomach and then buying a new monitor to replace the one that broke (My current ones are okay, although I’ve been having one of them glitch out somewhat often)

It’s better than a ton of anime crap that I just pile up in my room, but it still feels like I lack control. Going to have to watch myself a bit. Though speaking of anime crap, I also bought more of that too. I ended up buying some Tales of Symphonia plushies because I saw they were finally making plushies of Sheena and Raine (my two waifus from that game) I also ordered Collette and Presea… Yeesh. Yeah, I need to stay away from sites that I know will probably tempt me

I do want to acknowledge that I have made efforts though. I’ve been taking better care of myself than I have in years and I’m working on trying to improve myself through my Japanese efforts. I’ve been acquiring various life skills along the way as well. I just have to remember not to get complacent and keep working on things.

Far as other matters go, I beat Eiyuden Chronicles. If you want my impressions please see the previous post. Not sure what I’ll play next, but it might Elden Ring in order to prepare for the upcoming DLC that’s coming out next month.

Anime I’m still chugging through Gundam 079 and Mushoku Tensei season 1 part 2. I have to say Mushoku has really caught my interest now that I’m finally watching episodes I haven’t seen before. I think it has potential to be my favorite isekai and maybe even one of my favorite anime series. Gundam is not bad, although I’m starting to get annoyed by the next episode previews spoiling stuff (I’ll probably stop watching those)

I’ve also been watching 86 whenever I use my exercise bike. Not much to really say about it. I’m not even sure if I like it.

Well that’s about all I got to say for this week.