Yesterday I talked about starting Lovely Quest While…

Yesterday, I talked about starting Lovely Quest. While it was pretty trashy, I mentioned that sometimes trashy can be fun and entertaining. While I stick by that and intend to still go through it, I decided to take a look at some other games from the list of VNs I’ve been wanting to try.

Today, I decided to check out どうして、そんなに黒い髪が好きなの? Which translates to “Why do you like black hair that much” The main concept is that the main character is the son of a Shinto Priest and has spent his life around women with black hair. Thus he’s developed something of a complex/fetish for women with black hair.

The premise sounds pretty silly, but as someone who also has an obsession with hair (what specifically I’ll leave to your imagination) I feel like I can relate. Not to mention, I’m also a fan of black hair

What really got me interested in it initially though was the fact that they even made a patch for it that made all the heroines hair dark black

If it applied to cgs too, I would have considered using it. Sadly it seems like it’s only valid for the sprites (also I can’t seem to find a place where I can download the patch) Sad because I actually kind of dig that black even if it’s a bit on the ridiculous side (Like I said, sometimes trashy things are fun)

Anyway, I’m about 430 lines into it, and so far I’m enjoying it way more than Lovely Quest. I might play them both in conjunction for a while to see if I can potentially do them both. If not, I have a feeling I’ll probably favor this one