While this is normally the season many people…

While this is normally the season many people are buying things, I’m doing the opposite and selling a lot of crap. Got a little out-of-hand with purchases the past year on top of not having much money from some bad decision making (there was quite a bit I spent on gacha games for example) Not in big trouble, but it was likely to take me most of 2024 to get squared away if I just relied on my income.

I started selling stuff on eBay again. I had stopped briefly due to some new regulations, but thankfully those have been pushed back to next year (plus are getting adjusted to something far more reasonable) While I’m somewhat sad to let things go, I also feel somewhat cathartic. Honestly, I think if I could get rid of like 70% of what I had, I could see myself being a lot happier for it.

I’ve decided to sell most of my physical video games, except for the few that I have bought collectors editions for and the games that have no PC port. I’ve realized that I don’t have time for 90% of them and stockpiling them for a rainy day is pointless. I’m thinking of actually going digital only for games here on out just because it will save on space and it will make me consider what I get much more since digital can’t be sold. Plus I figure if I’m ordering it digitally, chances are I’m planning to play it right after (like buying for being able to play at midnight etc)

I’d love to get rid of some figures, but unfortunately I don’t really have a great avenue for that. Being used without the box is pretty much a death sentence. Even if I heavily discount them, there’s always concerns about how to safely ship them. I’d sell locally, but I live out in no-mans land practically.

I’d like to also downsize the manga I bought into a few favorite series. The big issue is I haven’t actually read much of the stuff I’ve bought and I’d rather do that before prematurely selling most stuff. I guess I wouldn’t mind opting for digital here either, but it’s a little bit more complicated than with games (I like the manga feel better and there’s no distribution service like Steam) Going to have to think some more.

I’ve also debated trying to sell my old computer and one of my laptops. Part of me is resistant to that though because I like the idea of having a spare (especially when my current cashflow isn’t equipped to buy a new one if things get rough) I guess I’ll have to think some more.