Game Awards was yesterday Some of my quick…

Game Awards was yesterday. Some of my quick thoughts about the show below.

Honestly, the only stakes I had in awards this year were Lies of P and Resident Evil 4. Neither of which won or were even nominated for much. Disappointing because I think both of them could use more attention (particularly Lies of P) Oh well.

I was happy to see Ironmouse get content creator of the year. While I’m not as big into vtubing anymore and haven’t really watched much of her, from what little I know of her, she definitely stood out more than some of those other picks. That’s probably my bias though considering there were a lot of people asking who after she won (and I don’t think they were all doing it ironically.. Though how can you be on Twitch and not know about her is kind of insane to me)

I don’t think Sea of Stars deserved winning indie. I know there was a lot of controversy with Dave the Diver being there (since it’s technically not indie) and I’m glad it didn’t win, but even without having played any other games in the category, I feel like Sea of Stars only got by on it’s aesthetics. Again my bias from not liking the game much but yeah

Alan Wake II and BG3 seemed to be winning all the other awards. From what I’ve seen/heard its deserved, although personally I can’t really make a judgment. I’m interested in playing both someday, but right now there’s not really a convenient way to play either (both in cost, and that Alan Wake II requires playing a bunch of other stuff) Maybe in 2024

The new Atlus game, Metaphor Re Fantazio, looks pretty sick. I’m happy to see them do something that’s not SMT related for once (yes that includes Persona) Hoping to see something new here.

Visions of Mana was disappointing. While I wouldn’t totally poo poo the idea of another mana game, it’s not the series I was hoping to see. I had some small hopes SE would do something like tease a Chrono or Xeno game. Hopium to the max, perhaps, but Mana was just not enough to make me get excited.

There were a few other games I found interesting, though a lot of them didn’t show much of gameplay (things like Last Sentinel) Thus I have to sort of hold my hype in check.

The highlight of the entire show, to me, was the FF7 main theme. Both the performance and the small trailer were fantastic. And against my better judgment I went and watched the extended trailer that was posted to YT. Which ended up being pretty good, but also kind of makes it harder to wait for its release..